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Training on Real Situations in Real Time.

Experience the difference with training that immerses you in  real-life situations, providing hands-on learning in real time.

A one-of-a-kind safety training center

The vision behind Safety Meta World is the creation of a world that inspires an inclusive, interactive, fun learning environment that is shared worldwide. The concept of developing an avatar who becomes more knowledgeable and experienced through training, skills and interactive conversations gained over time is designed to encourage learners to grow and ultimately emulate these positive learning outcomes of their journey in the real world.

Safety Meta World students learn and train in a first person, 3D environment where dangerous environments are simulated, and tasks are gamified.

As students achieve mastery of a level, they proceed through the simulation to the next required activity. Grades, or achievement awards that are associated with completion of a task can be awarded upon completing a course to the pre-approved specifications. The gamification aspect is used to great effect to improve knowledge retention by providing positive reinforcement and instant feedback in an immersive environment that captures and holds the participant’s attention.

We are at the very start of developing this “world” for you and commit to sharing  each chapter as we build and offer more to realize our vision. Our team is dedicated to achieving this goal together with our partners. Stay tuned as developments unfold in this new and innovative place.

Our blog will share updates along the way as we work to create a safe place to learn, inspire, and create a learning culture that connects with all generations…


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